YoungStroke Inspires Duke STEAM Challenge Winners

Duke STEAM Challenge Winners

Last summer, YoungStroke’s Amy Edmunds received an unexpected response to her presentation before the Commission of the Gullah Geechee’s Cultural Heritage Corridor. Four B. N. Duke Scholars – Zack Flower, Rifat Rahman, Diego Farias, and Tom Vosburgh – who were in Conway last summer to document Gullah Geechee’s oral histories approached her to request opportunities to volunteer in her office during their leisure time to learn more about YoungStroke’s research and education initiatives.

During their 10-week stay, an impromptu conversation triggered BrushSTROKE: an initiative that uniquely combines art therapy and health education to both help young stroke survivors express the complex emotions associated with surviving stroke at such a young age and raise community awareness about the increasing prevalence of young stroke. By taking an artistic approach to a problem generally associated with epidemiology and public policy, this project bridged two distinct disciplines, creating a unique solution to an important problem.

Edmunds witnessed the team earn the $3,000 second place award for their efforts on Saturday, January 18, in the prestigious Duke University’s STEAM Challenge.

The Duke STEAM Challenge is an undergraduate, graduate and professional student challenge designed to explore new ways that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – along with the humanities and social sciences – might contribute to one another for the greater good. It was designed to inspire Duke University students to bring different disciplinary perspectives together in order to address a real world problem.

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