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Date What’s Inside
December 9, 2016 Pre-event Checklist: YoungStroke 2016!
Last minute prep for #YS2K16, meet the MC, Poster presentations, Voices of Hope for Aphasia, JOIN app

Features: Monair McGregor, Jackie Hinckley, Elizabeth Apple, Mike and Kathy Caputo
December 6, 2016 Last Chance to Register for YoungStroke 2016!
Survivor Author Roundtables, Conference program, Brooks Rehab, E*Trade

Features: Delanie Stephenson, Rob McPherson, Brad & Kelly Marsh, Thomas G. Brossard, Jr., John Mott
November 22, 2016 Countdown to YoungStroke 2016!
All about #YS2K16!

Features: Toni Hickman, John Mott, Noelia Chumpitaz, Alana Utsumi
October 9, 2016 Stroke is Treatable
World Stroke Day 2016, World Thrombosis Day 2016, and YS2K16 Presenters

Features: Ashley James-Collins, Drs. Lester Leung and Preeti Raghavan
August 30, 2016 BREAKING NEWS: NIH funds YoungStroke 2016
NIH (NINDS) provides financial support for YS2K16, introducing Kara Russo, Hobbies Expo details revealed

Features: Kara Russo, Jamie Hancock
August 30, 2016 YoungStroke Showcased by Kaiser Health News
High-Profile Coverage in The Daily Beast, Post-Stroke Spasticity Project, Running Fundraiser, Archives Blast

Features: Jamie Hancock, Lydia Crowell
July 20, 2016 Wall Street Journal Exalts YS2K16 Presenters
Breaking News: Early Bird Registration Extended to September 1

Features: Barbara Wolfenden, Laura Howell, Drs. Preeti Raghavan and Donald Weisz, Toni Hickman
June 8, 2016 Do You Know JAX?
Early Bird Registration for YS16
May 31, 2016 Victorious for YoungStroke
YoungStroke Theme Song, YS Barbados, Brooks Rehab

Features: Toni Hickman, Tracie-Ann Jessamy
May 3, 2016 Celebrate Post-Stroke Moms
Motherhood, Kid Stroke Motion, posters, Australia

Features: Kristy Harding
March 29, 2016 Spring Ahead With YoungStroke
Info on Events, ObamaCare provisions, Fundraisers, YS2K16 & More

Features: Sarkis and Kai Karakesis, Ron Daise, Nate Sankary
March 4, 2016 Conference Date Change & More
Scheduled Speakers, L.A. Stroke Conference, Therapy Resources

Features: Dr. Preeti Raghavan, Mary Morrissette, Dr. Sunita Dodani, Nate Sankary
January 13, 2016 2016: Predictions of Discontent & Promise
Founder’s Open Letter, Stroke Connection Feature, ObamaCare Guide

Features: Amy Edmunds
November 23, 2015 YoungStroke Releases Video
#GivingTuesday fundraiser Deadline Dec. 1st!
November 19, 2015 Will it B U? …
Dec. 1 deadline, Medical Billing Practices

Features: Lara Howells, Sharon Libby
November 5, 2015 Vote Here: Inspirational Vocal Competition
Competition finalists & Florida rally wrap-up

Features: John Mott, Melynda Rackley
October 27, 2015 “It’s Like Someone Dies…”
Will it B U? Campaign Launches, Orlando Rally

Features: Sharon Libby, Kendall Bays, Dr. Preeti Raghavan, Amy Edmunds, Melissa Meyers (Moss Rehab)
October 12, 2015 Stroke Connection Magazine features YoungStroke
Magazine feature on YoungStroke & Webinar on World Stroke Day

Features: Amy Edmunds
September 28, 2015 Celebrate World Stroke Day with a Song!
Stroke’s impact on women, Inspirational Vocal Competition

Features: Amy Edmunds
September 15, 2015 September 30: Deadline for Fall Retreat Savings
Retreat Info, Orthotics and Alternatives

Features: Nate Sankary
September 1, 2015 Register Now for Fall Retreat!
Scheduled Retreat Speakers
August 19, 2015 Meet Us at the Mall!
D.C. Rally, Respite Care, Clinical Trials

Features: Joyce Sampson, Toni Hickman, Nate Sankary
July 29, 2015 “Be Visible” Rally
First Rally, Survivor Voice, Overconfident Doctors, Caregiver Resources

Features: Toni Hickman, Nate Sankary
July 7, 2015 Keynote Norrving Defines Young Stroke
Inaugural Conference Wrap-up

Features: Ron Daise, Toni Hickman, Nate Sankary, Leigh Kost, Harriet and Marc Manis
June 28, 2015 YS2K15 DAY 3
Myomo Partnership, Fall Retreat Intro
June 27, 2015 YS2K15 DAY 2
Newcomer Award, Moss Rehab, RVA Aphasia

Features: Kendall Bays, Melissa Meyers, Jan Thomas, Dr. Sheldon Herring
June 26, 2015 YS2K15 DAY 1
Gullah Geechee, Arts Commission, Photography Exhibit

Features: Dr. Cynthia Williams-Brown, Paul Olsen, Kathy and Larry White, Ken May
June 18, 2015 Do Your Homework and Pack for JAX
Countdown to YS2K15
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