How will my various doctors and therapists coordinate and cooperate in my care?

In the inpatient rehabilitation setting, the physiatrist coordinates the care provided by the various therapists. The physiatrist is the team leader who makes sure that the patient’s medical and rehabilitation needs are met, and ensures that the other members of the team are all aware of all the issues that need to be considered during rehabilitation.

The physiatrist also consults with the neurologist about neurological problems, such as seizures, appropriate medication for secondary stroke prevention, etc., as well as with the primary care physician about medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. He or she may also consult with a psychiatrist regarding post-stroke depression, which is a very common problem.

This role continues in the outpatient setting, but may or may not work very well, depending on whether the patient chooses to get all their treatment and therapy in one facility, or through affiliated facilities where reports can be communicated to the physiatrist.


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