Stroke Conference Photo Courtesy of WSSU Photo/ Garrett Garms


To our knowledge, YoungStroke is the first and only American advocacy organization formed to specifically address the unmet needs of young adult stroke survivors and their caregivers.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit advocacy organization, we support our mission, through research and education, to change the way others view stroke.


Through community-based programs, YoungStroke teaches awareness, prevention and recognition to raise public awareness of the increasing prevalence of stroke among young adults and its devastating impact upon community life.

Through collaborative partnerships, YoungStroke emphasizes the distinctive needs of young stroke survivors and their caregivers to healthcare and legislative policymakers.

To read media coverage of such a program in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, click here.

To schedule such an event for your community, submit your request to


YoungStroke advocates for change collaboratively with organizations sharing similar goals and objectives, including but not limited to, the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, National Stroke Association and the World Stroke Organization.


Many challenges to change lie ahead. Young stroke lacks differentiation, particularly in America. Many policymakers respond to stroke survivors as a homogenous population with identical needs for rehabilitative care.

Secondly, the absence of annual assessments prevent standardized monitoring of deficits impacting quality of life. Further, the opportunity to convey centralized communication about post-discharge services to survivors and caregivers remains a barrier to successful community reintegration.

To affect meaningful change, we need the support of the combined energies of survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, graduate researchers … and especially you at YoungStroke 2015!


Photo courtesy WSSU Photo/Garrett Garms

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